entropic advance performance history

September 11, textures ambient showcase gypsy house cafe, denver
June 11, transistor festival at The Walnut Room w/ NOT BREATHING, kuxaan-sum, Shadowcaster, c.db.sn, Novasak, and more, Denver

December 5, FastForward circle six, dj bahiya & dj mudwulf, Sutra Nightclub, Denver
November 26, glitch givin' with kontrolled demolition, in better senses, movax, logos, more. bindery space, denver
October 10, textures at gypsy house cafe
June 12, transistor festival , denver

October 11, textures at gypsy house cafe

April 10, Baltic Room, Sea Seattle farewell performance, dj's tawney, oblique, neuroshard, vj lowrez
April 2, the living room, Sea Seattle farewell party

October 16, Disjecta, Portland, OR Will S., C/A/T, Power Circus
October 17, Banged and Blown, Portland's fetish friendly gothic pirate's bootieque store, Mr. Munnicutt, Kathrine Heilesen, Davis James / Porca. Celeb, Nequaquam Vacuum, Will S., Ryze N Fall
August 20, living:room, Sea (Gracewerks *NODE*)
August 16, Chop Suey, Sea w/jawahir bahiya, Trick Deck, Miss Solar System, Sean Wolcott
August 3, Fenix Underground, Sea, w/hands of fatima, Biaxial Creep, Not Breathing (SF)
July 2, CHAC lower level, Sea sound into light with hands of fatima dancers, zapan, transPacific (www.staticfactory.org)
May 29, The Hanta House (featuring inBOIL & Otis Fodder), XISIX, Mutant Data Orchestra, Black : Japan, P.A.N. (Portland), Tokomak (Sea/cell division) (Seattle Noise Festival day 3)
May 26, Cognitive Dissidents at Coffee Messiah, Sea, subduction (xaxis wye + bios+a+ic), Shinshuke, Jason Anderson, (Seattle Noise Festival day 1, http://www.cog-dis.org)
May 14, Aristocrats, Sea ea, d.j. bios+a+ic
May 6, Lower Level (CHAC), Sea project 3, biaxial creep, Jawahir & Kasima, d.j. Opium
March 19, The Standard, Sea, Fruit & Ffejtables, w/dancer jawahir bahiya, Jupiter Crash, Tableland (Ffej, Hometown Gravy)
March 7, the Lower Level, Sea w/dancer jawahir bahiya, Logic Probe, the Now Device (Remixed)

Nov 19, Fenix Underground, Sea Lullabelle, Perpetual Madness Machine
Sept 18, Washington Hall, Sea Wounded Infidel, xaxis wye (Illuminations series)
Sept 13, Black Sun Festival, Portland Biaxial Creep, TV, more...
Aug 30, the Bar, Sea dancer jawahir bahiya, Legion Within, xaxis wye (nerdrock)
Aug 11, Deep down Lounge, Sea Outfit, Lovecraft Technologies (fourth city)
July 26, Segway, Sea Fading Collection, bee hive, downosaur (nw fire shoot video)
July 22, Fenix Underground, Sea Lullabelle, Masterpiece scribbles
June 12, Lo_Fi, Sea Surrounded by Ninjas, Fountainhead & IKO, Zapan (KMLP i-radio)
June 8, Fenix Underground, Sea Black Sun benefit, the SINS, Biaxial Creep w/ Meta morph, the Cabiri
May 22, Crocodile, Sea Nervewheel, Logic Probe, some shitty L.A band
May 13, Chop Suey, Sea United State of Electronica, Mr. Pleasant
May 6, Re-bar, Sea e.a. enemble, Oxygen Thieves, Canopy (local 101)
April 9, Goodfoot, Portland d.j. weeGee (Confluence/4th rail production)
March 4, Consolidated Works, Sea Vance Galloway, Spaceboat.Tv video (Monkey with a Gun cd release)
Feb 12, Coffee Messiah, Sea e.a. special "electro-plasma show" (cognitive dissonance)
Jan 21, Con Works, Sea Dronerama 1, inBOIL, MDO, Ffej, Jim Fink, Vance Galloway, more.. (bios+a+ic/spaceboat.tv)

Dec 17, TOST in Fremont, Sea Obelus, xaxis wye, simulcast live on KMLP i-radio (4th rail/LocusProductions)
Dec 3, Consolidated Works, Sea Jim Fink, live broadcast at KMLP i_radio (Spaceboat.tv/LocusProductions)
Oct 22, TOST in Fremont, Sea Obelus, Skylobby (4th Rail)
Sept 20,21,27,28, Fringe Festival, Sea Persephone's Choice, Ignis Devoco fire circus, Pyrosutra
Aug 23, Vogue, Sea Logic Probe, D.j. Fountainhead (bios+a+ic)
Aug 9, Catwalk, Sea Legion Within, Bete Noir, Ignis Devoco fire circus, Paul Alleinkoff
July 20, Industrial fire factory, Sea Yoko Phono, Logic Probe, Ffej, Ignis Devoco fire troop (bios+a+ic)
July 13, Freshgoods Gallery, Sea Rebreather, Mutant Data Orchestra, All the Time, Seth Thomas
June 22, Black Sun Festival, Lake Bronson, WA Aesthetic Meat Foundation, Soriah, Fountainhead, Yoko Phono,
                                           Diagram of Suburban Chaos, more...

Sept 13, Seattle Art Museum, Sea with xaxis wye (recorded for live release)
Aug 11, Sci_Tropic at Vital Five gallery, Sea Diagram of Suburban Chaos, Jerry Abstract, D.e.c. Labs, Tracer, Kris Moon, Wonderwall, Intonarumori, Audio Assasins, Subconscious
June 29, Catwalk, Sea Legion Within, Luminous Flux
June 17, Sonarchy radio (live), 90.3 KCMU, Sea hosted by Doug Haire
June 4, Re-bar, Sea Logic Probe, xaxis wye (local 101)
May 28, Habitat esspresso, Sea (their own devices)
April 19, I-SPY, Sea Soundrangers, xaxis wye (SIL2K)
Feb 3, FUSEBALL at Consolidated Works, Sea IQU, D.J. Masa, FCS North, Plastiq Phantom, Bill Horist,
                                                                   StarPolar, sub_sonic, Intonarumori, more..

Nov 16, O.K. Hotel, Sea LAND, Stinkhorn, Jackhammer Trio
Oct 31, Spirit of Halloween, Sea inBOIL, Mutant Data Orchestra, xaxis wye (Water for Your Eyes cd release)
July 30, I-SPY, Sea Sil2k ensemble, Neguamquam Vacuum (SIL2K)
April 1, the Rainbow, Sea James Whetzel's hayah, d.j. soultheft, belly dancers (New Improved Formula cd release)
Jan 10, Mercury@Machinewerks, Sea 4+ hour set which later became Water for your Eyes (hosted by William Keisel)

Oct 9, Parlour Room, Sea Mutant Data Orchestra, James Whetzel, bellydancer Bastet (c.a.v.e. cd release)
June 27, Flag Pavillion East at Seattle Center, Sea MDO, Bran Flakes, Mowgli, more...(artsEdge 2)
June 3, Parlour Room, Sea Artwalk
March 27, NAF Studios, Sea Industrial Conflict 1: Phoenix Reborn, Paul Aleinkoff, Mr. Ballistic (Amp Out productions)