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Mad Cow B.B.Q.
An experimental electronic soundtrack for human brains in the midst of entropic decay from mad cow disease. Thick drones and glitches w/ inBOIL and Otis Fodder
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Otis Fodder *inBOIL
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Monkey With A Gun
Evolved EDM, Dn'B, and glitch are emersed in elements of ambience, noise, and soundscapes, creating a distinctive stylistic approach, demonstrating a realized potential of modern sound art. A bold sonic hybrid of innovative electronic and experimental music. Tracks feature heavy bass with click & cut rhythms, layered with lush effects-laden trumpet, custom processed slide guitar, rich sample textures, unique vocal manipulations, and, obscure field recordings.
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones
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Red Yellow Noise
2-cd set
Featuring a wide variety of noise and beat work. The red disc is heavy, crunchy electronic beats, thick bass, and lush trumpet, vocals and slide guitar. The yellow disc is a mind warping journey beyond time via texture.
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Jim Deal *Xaxis Wye *John Schueller *Paul Reubenstein
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Water For Your Eyes
live recording
Captures the raw emotion and chaotic turmoil of post wto Seattle with a continually morphing dose of ambient noise and mind-warping rhythms, compiled from a legendary live 4-hour improvisation.
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Jim Deal *Klimet Mika
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New Improved Formula
Dark heavily manipulated beats and drones drift into lush ambient experimental sound scape's.
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Jim Deal
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This Seattle trio weaves post-rock, experimental and industrial sound scapes in with trancey beats and unusual sonic textures on their debut release. an eclectic blend of ethereal minimalism, industrial acid jazz, and downbeat tribal space lounge.
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Jim Deal

Sonicabal 1

a collection of experimental music from Seattle - out of print

digital/cdr releases:

Live at the Seattle Art Museum
days after 9-11, reflective deep sonic ambience w/xaxis wye
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones *Jim Deal *Jeff Mueller
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Leaving Palestine
epic soundtracks of experimental noise & movement
*Wesley Davis *Casey Jones
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other featured tracks

SoniCabal "3"
compilation, entropic advance track #10 Hidden Monkey (2005) sold out

SoniCabal "1"
compilation, entropic advance track #10 420 a.m.pout (2001) sold out